Monday, June 2, 2008

Swollen face acne and calamine lotion and baking soda to treat acne

Many experts say that females that have the skin disease acne is caused by the hormones. The reason why you have acne though is not really important, knowing how to treat and cure acne is important however. If you're lucky enough to have all ingredients that make up natural cures to treat acne in your home, then you can cure it within a month, if you have a consistant plan in place, and your consistently with your daily cleansing routine.
For many years I tried cleansers and other expensive acne treatments without any observable reduction in my acne. I even tried fasting, which although did clear my skin, only did so for a few days, and then my acne would always come back...
You can also go for some natural remedies when it comes to removing body acne. Here are some of the soothing oil options for treating it effectively:a) A full teaspoon of calendula oil b) A full teaspoon of almond oil Two full teaspoons of olive oil d) One or two drops of lavender oil e) Two drops of tea tree oil f) One or two drops of chamomile oil
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